Ford Focus ST Oil Type

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Ford Focus ST normally uses 6 Liters of all seasons grade SAE 5W-30 synthetic engine oil type based on its configuration of the engine. That is 2.0L Ecoboost turbo gasoline engine foe focus ST 2013-2018 models.

Ford focus comes in 6 trim levels that are S, SE, SEL, Titanium, ST and RS. The ST has different engine than focus RT, thus needs a different engine weight oil type.

The grade SAE would differ for both winter and summer depending on the weather conditions and other factors. But normally its recommended to use SAE 5W-30 Fully Synthetic motor oil.

Now that we know the focus st oil type, we will discuss some of the best oil brands you can use for your Ford focus ST on your next engine oil change.


The ford focus ST oil capacity is 5.7 Quartz.


We are going to list 5 best oils for your ford focus ST below that would ensure optimum engine performance, provides excellent engine lubrication and overall longevity of the engine life.

1. Castrol GTX Magnatec Oil [SAE 5W-30]

“Turbo Engine Formulated Full Synthetic Oil

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Castrol® GTX® MAGNATEC is a full synthetic motor oil that provides instant protection from the moment you start up your Ford Focus ST.

It forms an extra layer for critical engine parts and protects during heavy traffic or short trips, making it excellent choice when driving around town or commuting to work every day .

Castrol’s latest sequence IVA test proves their new generation of “GTX” Synthetic Motor Oil offers 6 times better wear than required by industry standard tests! This means users will get more miles on their cars especially focus ST if their oils with this high performing formula vs running on just plain old conventional transmission fluid which can lead down long lasting problems down the drain at any given time.

2. Motorcraft SAE 5W 30 – Ford Recommended Oil with Superior Engine Protection

Motorcraft® SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil is a premium quality passenger car motor oil recommended by Ford. It meets all warranty requirements and has been certified for gasoline engine service with API Certified ILSAC GF-5, which means it will work great in your cars as well!

For the best engine performance and durability, use Motorcraft® SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil. It’s a premium quality passenger car motor oil recommended by Ford that meets all warranty requirements! And it even has API Certification for gasoline engines which means you can take care of your vehicle in any situation – from racing on tracks to commuting through traffic jams with this one product

• Made specifically from high quality synthetic base stocks resulting in less chance at corrosion or degradation over time when compared other petroleum based oils 

• Ensuring longer drain intervals between changes during storage due its better viscosity index characteristics along improved film strength property leading not only greater protection against deposits but also higher fuel efficiency since extra power is delivered where needed most.

Synthetic blend Motorcraft SAE 5W-30 is a premium quality motor oil with high viscosity index and specially made for performance cars. It protect your vehicle from deposits, wear due to increased temperatures or other factors that affect its lifespan in the long run by reducing friction between moving parts on an engine which results into improved fuel economy when compared to 10w 30 weight class oils

This product also has antiwear additives ensuring smooth operation of all components under pressure increasing driveability while preventing accumulation of sludge caused by overheating leading this type fluids being preferred over others because they have lower evaporation rates.

3. Mobil 1 – 5W30 Grade Oil – Higher Mileage with Ultimate Protection

Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5W-30 is the go to oil for your Ford Focus ST. It’s advanced formula has been expertly engineered to help prolong engine life and maintain efficiency in emission systems, but it doesn’t stop there! The Mobil 1 ESP 5S meets or exceeds many leading industry standards required by new modern diesel cars as well as gasoline powered passenger vehicles from all major manufacturers.

A critical component of any car manufacturer’s recipe book today are synthetic oils because they provide superior cleaning power with excellent resistance against sludge formation caused by heavy metals.

It provide exceptional cleaning power, wear protection and overall performance.

This high quality product has been expertly engineered with the latest technologies in mind so it can prolong your engine’s life while maintaining efficiency of emission systems on both diesel & gasoline powered cars. Meet or exceed all industry standards required by leading car manufacturers like Ford and Chevy

Mobil 1™ ESP Formula 5W-30 is the perfect oil for those looking to maintain their car’s efficiency and prolong its life. This advanced synthetic motor lubricant has been designed specifically with Ford Focus ST in mind, but can be used on any diesel or gasoline engine!

Low Ash Content, helps reduce particulate build up in Diesel Particulate Filters and increases filtration effectiveness.

Low Sulphur & Phosphorous content aids fuel efficiency by preventing poisoning of Gasoline Catalytic Converters while Active cleaning agents keep deposits at bay for long life engine protection.

Outstanding thermal stability allows enhanced frictional properties that aid economy on gas-powered vehicles too!

It also reduces hydrocarbon pollution which enhances your vehicle’s performance potential through reduced friction caused by combustion processes inside the motor (especially higher compression ratios). Finally this additive does not deplete.

4. Red Line Premium Motor Oil– Superior Oil Draining Formula with Superior Protection

When you need high-quality motor oil, Redline is the go to brand. It has a premium ester formula that provides superior protection and performance in any application for passenger cars as well as light trucks like SUVs or vans;

It’s also good on performance vehicles such as Ford Focus ST due its detergency which allows extended drain intervals while providing increased cleanliness without sacrificing fuel economy due improved ring seal at higher power levels – all this coupled with an excellent safety profile means every driver will be satisfied no matter their vehicle type!

Red Line Premium Motor Oil offers superior high temperature stability and oxidation resistance, which are keys to its ability for increased lubrication in hot metal.

The natural VI base oils provide thicker oil films when compared with other synthetics that can dry out faster because they contain unnecessary additives like polyol esters or monooleate molecules disrupting the seal between components within a bearing system leading them not being able produce their full potentials due solely too lack of film thickness encountered during friction-induced movement on load cycles.

It is suitable for VW, Ford, Audi, BMW

5. Shell Rotella 5W-30 Motor Oil

Shell’s new Shell Helix Ultra 5W-30 Fully Synthetic motor oil is the most advanced, high performance formulation on today’s market.

It works to keep up with changing demands while improving engine life by utilizing pureplus technology which makes it possible for one synthetic base fluid to replace conventional petroleum based fluids in all of their applications!

SHELL HELIX ULTRA 5W-30 Fully synthetic motor oil is the latest addition to Shell’s prestigious line of top tier oils.

This Energy efficient, bio-renewable and protect your engine from dirt has always been at its core since it was first introduced with the help of PurePlus Technology which provides even higher cleansing levels than before while also providing protection against wear through enhanced shearing action for lasting peace in mind knowing that you’re getting what matters most out there – quality fluids made right!

  • Shell Helix Ultra 5W-30 motor oil is an advanced formulation for high-performance gasoline and diesel engines. It provides unsurpassed sludge protection, keeping your engine closer to factory clean.
  • Low viscosity and low friction characteristics allow up to 1.4% greater fuel economy than other leading brands in the same category.
  • Superior wear and corrosion protection helps extend engine life by reducing heat and friction in the engine, while also helping protect against leaks with its seal conditioner technology. Engineered with a synthetic blend of ultra-thick molecules and advanced antiwear additives, Shell Helix Ultra 5W-30 keeps engines running up to 30% longer.

Type of Engine Oil for Ford Focus St (2014-2021)

The table below shows engine oil type recommended for Focus St 4th generation, made in 2014 – 2021.

Model YearGrade SAE (all season)
-25 to +25 °C
Gasoline APIOil TypeRecommended
Engine Oil Brand
SM Synthetics,
Semi Synthetics
Castrol, Mobil, Valvoline,
Lucas Oil, Kixx
2015 5W-40
SM Synthetics,
Semi Synthetics
Castrol, Mobil,
Motorcraft, SHELL,
Valvoline, Pentosin,
Valuecraft, Lucas Oil
2016 5W-40
SM Synthetics Castrol, Mobil,
Motorcraft, SHELL,
Valvoline, Pentosin,
2017 5W-40
SN Synthetics Castrol, Mobil,
Motorcraft, SHELL,
Valvoline, Pentosin
SN Only Synthetic Castrol, Mobil,
Motorcraft, SHELL
SN Only Synthetic Castrol, Mobil,
Motorcraft, SHELL
SN Only Synthetic Castrol, Mobil,
Motorcraft, SHELL
SNOnly Synthetic
Castrol, Mobil,
Motorcraft, SHELL

Ford Focus ST Oil Change – Video Tutorial

How to Change your Ford Focus ST Engine Oil. Here is the detailed guide on how to do it. – The Cars Lab

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