7 Worst Motor Oil Brands to Avoid & Alternatives

We all know that the brand of motor oil we use can have a huge impact on our car’s performance. The wrong kind of oil might cause damage to your engine, while the right kind may help you save money by increasing gas mileage and reducing wear and tear.

However, not all brands are created equal! While some manufacturers offer great products at affordable prices, other companies try to charge top dollar for mediocre or even faulty oils. If you want to avoid wasting money on subpar motor oil, keep reading!

We’ve listed some of the worst motor oil brands you can avoid – these are definitely ones you should avoid if possible. And use the ones recommended alongside them.

Do you know which motor oil is the best for your car and how you can avoid worst engine oils?

If so, we’ve got some great news! We have compiled a list of the best and worst motor oils on the market. You can find out which brands are worth buying and which ones aren’t. This way, you won’t waste your money on something that doesn’t work or is bad for your car engine.

The wrong choice can damage your engine, but with so many options it’s hard to know what’s right. That’s why we created a guide that will help you make an informed decision about which motor oil is best for your vehicle. We have all the information you need to choose the right one!

You want to keep your car running smoothly and avoid costly repairs down the road, so trust us when we say this guide will be worth reading. Our expert team has done extensive research on different brands of motor oil and compiled their findings into this easy-to-read resource.

It only takes a few minutes to read through our guide, but it could save you thousands in repair costs over time! Don’t wait any longer – Our list has everything from synthetic to conventional oil, so it covers all types of vehicles. It also includes information about how often you should change your oil as well as what type of filter works best with each kind of oil.

The last thing anyone wants is to buy an expensive product that doesn’t do its job properly! That’s why we’ve done all the research for you – just read our article and pick only the best engine oil for your car.

Liberty Motor Oil

Liberty Motor Oil is one of the worst motor oil to avoid at all costs, instead use synthetic Castrol motor oil which provides long life protection to your engine.

Bad Motor OilsBest Alternatives
Liberty Motor Oil Castrol
Xpress Lube Pro Amazon Basics
Quaker State QPennzoil
Petrola Motor OilValvoline
Questron Liqui Moly
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