7 Bad Motor Oil Brands to Avoid & Alternatives

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Here is the list of bad motor oil brands you need to avoid.

We all know that the brand of motor oil we use can have a huge impact on our car’s performance. The wrong kind of oil might cause damage to your engine, while the right kind may help you save money by increasing gas mileage and reducing wear and tear.

However, not all brands are created equal! While some manufacturers offer great products at affordable prices, other companies try to charge top dollar for mediocre or even faulty oils. If you want to avoid wasting money on subpar motor oil, keep reading!

We’ve listed some of the worst motor oil brands you can avoid – these are definitely ones you should avoid if possible. And use the ones recommended alongside them.

Do you know which bad motor oil brands you should avoid and what are the good ones?

If so, we’ve got some great news! We have compiled a list of the best and worst motor oils on the market. You can find out which brands are worth buying and which ones aren’t. This way, you won’t waste your money on something that doesn’t work or are bad for your car engine.

The wrong choice can damage your engine, but with so many options it’s hard to know what’s right. That’s why we created a guide that will help you make an informed decision about which motor oil is best for your vehicle so that you can avoid bad motor oil brands. We have all the information you need to choose the right one!

You want to keep your car running smoothly and avoid costly repairs down the road, so trust us when we say this guide will be worth reading. Our expert team has done extensive research on different brands of motor oil and compiled their findings into this easy-to-read resource.

It only takes a few minutes to read through our guide, but it could save you thousands in repair costs over time! Don’t wait any longer – Our list has everything from synthetic to conventional oil, so it covers all types of vehicles. It also includes information about how often you should change your oil as well as what type of filter works best with each kind of oil.

The last thing anyone wants is to buy an expensive product that doesn’t do its job properly! That’s why we’ve done all the research for you – just read our article and pick only the best engine oil for your car.

Bad Motor Oil Brands to AvoidBest Alternatives
Liberty Motor Oil Castrol
Xpress Lube Pro Amazon Basics
Quaker State QPennzoil
Petrola Motor OilValvoline
Questron Liqui Moly

Liberty Motor Oil – Bad Motor Oil Brand

Liberty motor oil is one of the bad motor oil brand you can choose for your vehicle. Liberty offers cheap motor oil with low quality and will destroy your engine faster! We recommend Castrol, Royal or Valvoline to make sure your engine lasts longer and stays running smooth.

Beware of Liberty Motor Oil, it is not your friend. They claim their motor oil to be the best in all aspects. They are hi-tech and futuristic in their words, but practically, they do not offer anything as such.

The technology is old and does not help you in any way. A little change in technology is that they use iso500-dv1 oil viscosity index standard instead of iso17025 which is a low-quality standard. Also, their product has low additives proportion that is not a good sign for significant lubrication factors.

Liberty motor oil is not the right choice for you. It is a bad motor oil and you need to avoid it at all costs, so that you can ensure longevity of your engine. If we compare it with other brands, you will find a negligible amount of additives that are essential for lubrication. The low quantity of additives means that this bad motor oil does not work well at high temperatures. It is also quick to evaporate and leaves its permanent stains.

Best Alternative Brand To Pick – Castrol Motor Oil

Castrol is a leading motor oil company. Castrol motor oil meets the highest standards of engine performance, providing superior protection against viscosity breakdown, carbon and sludge build-up and deposits. Castrol synthetic motor oil delivers optimum protection throughout the service life of your vehicle’s engine.

Your car is your baby.

You bought it because you loved the way it looked, the way it handled, and the way it made you feel when you were behind the wheel. You take care of your car by washing it, taking it in for regular checkups, and buying new tires. But what about the oils that keep your engine running smoothly?

One of the most important things to maintain on your car is its oil. Regular oil changes are necessary to keep your vehicle running at peak performance and prevent costly engine repairs down the road. Castrol produces high-quality synthetic motor oil that meets all of your vehicle’s standards for engine performance and protection against wear and tear.

Castrol engine oil is all about performance. When you put Castrol synthetic motor oil in your car’s engine, you’re not simply improving performance: you’re unleashing it.

You’re experiencing more of what your engine was built to do, giving the power and capability that is the birthright of your vehicle.

You’re getting maximum protection against viscosity breakdown, carbon and sludge build-up and deposits. When you use our synthetic motor oil, you’re getting a longer-lasting clean and a smoother ride. You’re getting so much more than just a product; you’re getting an experience.

Xpress Lube Pro – Bad Motor Oil Brand

Let’s imagine you are a mechanic, and you are looking for a motor oil brand, what will be your first priority?

Your first preference will be the motor oil that has high quality and is compatible with your car’s engine.

Some brands try to trick their customers by providing fake information about their product.

If we talk about Xpress lube pro, they did not grade motor oils according to their viscosity. SAE grading is an important factor that is missed by Xpress lube pro. Their insistence on proper SAE grading is wrong and fabricated. So here is another bad motor oil brand you would probably like to avoid.

It’s important to make a manual selection while choosing a specific brand for your car because SAE grading is the most important element to be encountered. Nowadays most people own modern cars, and very few ones have an old model. You can not drive your modern car properly by choosing their motor oil because they own a conventional motor oil with many impurities and poor functioning.

Fakeness is a highly altering issue about Xpress lube pro. If some brand hyperbole its specification by presenting wrong information about their brand, you will certainly not prefer that brand as your prerogative.

If you are planning to buy Xpress lube pro for your car, then you will be disappointed for their insistence on proper SAE grading. They have fabricated their data about their product which makes them more unwanted in the market. You may have seen many brands claiming themselves as suitable for modern cars, but very few of them are offering SAE graded motor oil.

People buy any motor oil without checking its viscosity or SAE rating which becomes an important reason for the lower performance of their vehicles. You can not drive your modern car properly by choosing an old school motor oil because they always own a conventional motor oil with many impurities and poor functioning.

Xpress Lube Pro is another bad motor oil brand to avoid if you don’t want to see your car engine die.

They make it look like they’re grading their motor oil according to Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards, but that’s not true. The SAE grading of motor oil is the most important thing you have to take into account when choosing a motor oil for your car.

If you’ve got a modern car, you need modern motor oil in order to keep your engine running well.

Don’t fall for the lies of Xpress Lube Pro!

Best Alternative Brand To Pick – AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics is one of the best brands you can use to replace Xpress lube pro. They sell fully-synthesized motor oil that’s made using titanium technology.

This allows the oil to adapt to temperature changes and work the way it needs to in order to keep your car running smoothly. Their products are affordable and high-quality, so you’ll always get the best value with AmazonBasics motor oil.

AmazonBasics’ motor oil uses a friction-reducing formula that gives you more power output for less energy waste. This helps extend the life of your engine by preventing wear and tear on internal components.

AmazonBasics has released their best motor oil ever!

They are serving with the power of technology and durability. The best motor oil is at your service by making use of AmazonBasics.

AmazonBasics motor oil uses titanium technology that gives it the ability to alter its properties with temperature change. It keeps the engine’s vitality and durability maintained.

The most highlighting fact about AmazonBasics is that they provide top-rated products at affordable prices. You can buy the best motor oil under a reasonable price range that suits you.

AmazonBasics have the friction-lowering formula which indicates the great power output while keeping energy wastage low. Wearing away and eroding your engine can be avoided by making use of AmazonBasics’ motor oil.

Petrola Motor Oil – Bad Motor Oil Brand

Are you a proud owner of a car? If yes, then you might have come across the name “Petrola Motor Oil”. But do you really know what is it?

Well, it’s an engine oil brand that is designed to be used in internal combustion engines. The main task of this motor oil is to lubricate and clean the engine parts.

There are lots of motor oil brands available in the market that are especially meant to be used for certain engines. But unfortunately, Petrola Motor Oil has failed at different fronts and have been considered as one of the worst motor oil brands.

It has several negative factors that make it unsuitable to use and even dangerous for the environment. So, here we will discuss all those points that show the reasons why Petrola is bad motor oil brand for your car.

You know what’s the worst thing about being a car lover?

Hearing that your car is damaged.

Why does this happen? Because of the wrong oil you are using for your car.

The SAE viscosity that it is required for your motor vehicle is not fulfilled by most of the brands.

We have noticed that Petrola Motor Oil brand misleads the user with the wrong information on the label. The viscosity level that they promise to serve is not real. Whereas, they provide way below the level of viscosity to the user, which can be alarming for your car. Unknowingly even if you use it, it will create a massive danger to your vehicle. You won’t get the accurate SAE specification though they promise to provide that.

We noticed that with the very little amount of specification that they have, this oil brand is not suitable for most motor vehicles after the 1930s.

Best Alternative Brand To Pick- Valvoline

If you love cars, then you’re probably familiar with Valvoline and all of the great motor oils that they offer. They have an oil for just about any vehicle on the market, and motor oil is one of those things that’s easy to overlook if you’re not careful. But it’s super important for your car to run smoothly and efficiently, so why would you compromise on the quality of your motor oil?

Valvoline has a huge variety of motor oils with the perfect combination of specifications according to the vehicle’s requirements. Valvoline is a highly trustworthy brand with a visionary mindset. They own a high mileage oil that helps you to travel up to 10 000 miles.

Motor oil contains particles that minimize the errors related to the automotive motor engine. They use a technology called MaxLife that involves the blending of natural and synthetic oil. The exceptional quality under the inexpensive price label makes Valvoline an effective oil trademark as an alternative.

Their Motor oil facilitates the fine working of your engine by allowing the steady and accurate steering of your automobile.

Valvoline motor oil ensures your engine’s health by controlling the overheat production, decreasing tension between components of the engine, and maximizing efficiency of the engine.

Valvoline motor oil is the perfect combination of premium quality and an affordable price tag.

This high mileage oil allows you to travel up to 10,000 miles with its long-lasting features. The MaxLife technology used in this oil provides a blend of natural and synthetic oils that reduce engine friction and minimize the errors related to your automotive motor engine.

Valvoline is a highly trustworthy brand with a visionary mindset, and they offer the widest range of motor oils on the market. They’ve got the perfect combination of specifications to suit every vehicle’s requirements.

Quaker State Q Motor Oil – Bad Motor Oil Brand

The quality of your vehicle’s motor oil has a big effect on how well it runs. High-quality motor oil decreases friction, reduces the risk of leaks, and safeguards the engine by keeping it lubricated and cool.

Quaker State Q motor oil is not a good choice for your vehicle. If you’re looking for the best motor oil for your car, look elsewhere. Because this has been listed as one of the bad motor oil brand for car engines.

While Quaker State Q motor oil does claim to be multi-viscosity, this is not true. They also state that their motor oil has an exceptionally low volatility rating, which means that it will last longer and protect your engine better.

In truth, Quaker State Q’s volatility rating is extremely high, which means that the engine protection they offer won’t last very long. Many people don’t realize how important volatility is when it comes to selecting a motor oil.

If you want your engine to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, you need to choose a motor oil with a low volatility rating. The more volatile an oil is, the less stable it is and the shorter lifespan it has. This results in higher costs for you due to frequent oil changes and potential engine damage caused by leaks or overheating.

If you look at the reviews of Quaker State Q on Amazon, you’ll see that many people have had issues with it causing their engines to burn up and this is exactly what these cheap and bad motor oil brands do to your car engine.

This can cause serious damage to your engine and lead to costly repairs in the future. Don’t risk damaging your engine by choosing a motor oil company that doesn’t have a great reputation or history of producing high-quality products!

Best Alternative Brand To Pick – Pennzoil

Did you know that Pennzoil is the first motor oil brand in the world to be made from natural gas?

That means the Pennzoil motor oils you buy are made from 99.5% pure base oil, so they provide guaranteed lubricants to your engine with fewer contaminants and pollutants. That keeps your engine running at its best, and keeps you on the road longer. It’s why professionals are proud to use Pennzoil motor oils in their own vehicles, and why we’re proud to recommend them for yours.

And when you need an oil filter for your vehicle, consider OEM-quality filters from Pennzoil. They help keep your engine performance running at its best, as well as filtering out unnecessary debris that can get into a car’s air intake system from outside sources. This helps maintain your vehicle’s efficiency and performance so it can run well over time.

And no matter which type of Pennzoil products you choose, you can trust the quality and care that goes into each product to help ensure your vehicle is always running at its best.

Pennzoil has a long history of providing the best motor oil for car owners, from high-performance racing cars to regular family vehicles. They have a reputation for pushing the envelope on what’s possible with their motor oil, so it’s no surprise that they’ve just released one of the most advanced oils available in North America.

Pennzoil is made using natural gas, not crude oil, which allows them to remove impurities and make it ultra pure. The process is called PurePlus™ Technology, and it reduces contaminants by 99% so your engine stays cleaner and runs better for longer.

The new Pennzoil Platinum™ Full Synthetic motor oil comes in 5W-30 viscosity grade, making it suitable for a wide range of engines. This way you can be sure that your engine has the protection it needs even in extreme conditions.

In addition to their Platinum™ Full Synthetic motor oils, Pennzoil also offers other grades including Ultra Platinum™ Full Synthetic with PurePlus™ Technology, Pennzoil Gold™ High Mileage Motor Oil, and Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® Motor Oil. Each of these is specially formulated to meet the needs of certain types of engines, so you can be sure you are in safe hands.

Questron Motor Oil – Bad Motor Oil Brand

When it comes to motor oil, quality is king. Motor oil is what keeps your car running smoothly and keeps you from having to replace your engine, so when you go with low-quality and bad motor oil brand —or if you don’t change it as often as you should—you’re playing a risky game of Russian roulette with your vehicle.

So what makes a good motor oil? Well, that depends on the type of car you have and where you live, but most people agree that there are some qualities shared by good motor oil brands.

One of the most important factors in choosing a brand of motor oil is making sure it has the right viscosity for your engine. Viscosity refers to how thick the motor oil is—the higher the number, the thicker and more viscous it is.

The thicker the oil, the better it will stay in place and protect your engine from wear. However, if you live somewhere cold, too-thick oil can make starting your car difficult, so keep this in mind when choosing an oil brand.

Another major factor in choosing a quality motor oil brand is making sure that the oil has been tested and certified to meet industry standards.

Questron motor oil is one of the most terrible brands you can use for your car. It comes with a lot of promises, but at the end, it can not fulfill any of them.

It has many harmful elements that will cause trouble for your engine system. It may fail to increase the efficiency of your car. This motor oil is not strictly to be taken as premium quality because its components are not satisfying enough.

It has no proper lubrication, and it has high volatility. Even its viscosity is undefined. So, it will not work properly in cold weather conditions. All these points make Questron motor oil a bad motor oil brand that you should avoid using in your car.

Best Alternative Brand To Pick – Liqui Moly

If you are looking for a motor oil that protects your engine from wear and tear, Liqui Moly is the ideal choice for you. It is the fairest alternative to bad motor oil brand like Questron. They own matching motor oils for all kinds of vehicles that show versatility and adaptability. Here are some qualities of Liqui Moly motor oil.

Liqui Moly motor oil assures the durability of the engine. You can avail the benefits of cleansing action for upgrading your engine. Liqui Moly provides the best-suited grades for your car. You can travel long distances without any fuss. Besides, Liqui Moly motor oil has sealing properties that impede oil leakage.

Liqui Moly provides a cure for all disorders like excess fuel burning, smoking, and corroding. It is a substantial option for you. It maintains the newness of your engine by protecting against heat and debris. All these aspects are the trademark that highlights the truth that you should take off the Liqui Moly motor oil brand in your preferred list.

There are many motor oils out there, and Liqui Moly is the ideal choice for your car. Liqui Moly is the fairest alternative to Questron, a motor oil brand that makes you pay more for the same quality. Like Questron, we own matching motor oils for all kinds of vehicles that show versatility and adaptability.

If you’re looking for the best motor oil, look no further than Liqui Moly.

Whatever you drive, Liqui Moly has a motor oil that will work for you. Our motor oil ensures the durability of your engine. You can travel long distances without a care in the world, because we have sealing properties that impede oil leakage. And don’t forget our cleansing action! Upgrade your engine today with Liqui Moly.

Here is sneak peak of video of why you should not destroy your engine with bad motor oils.

Parameters to Consider Before Choosing Motor Oil for your Car Engine

Choosing the right motor oil for the car engine is the most important decision a car owner has to make. The quality of motor oil directly affects the performance of the vehicle and its longevity. The motor oil acts as a coolant for the engine parts, cleans it, prevents oxidation and rusting, lubricates and prevents corrosion.

A good quality motor oil should have all these qualities and proper viscosity rating as per the manufacturer specifications. It should also have low volatility rate which means lower oil consumption.

So before you choose a motor oil, we suggest you consider these parameters:

  1. Resistance
  2. Volatility
  3. Viscosity Rating
  4. Cleansing Action
  5. Anti-Corrosive Properties
  6. Less Pollution
  7. Cooling of Hot Parts

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Engine Oil Brand Matters?

You’ve probably noticed that there are many different brands and types of motor oil. Does it really matter what brand you choose or what type? Yes! It’s essential to your car’s health to choose the right oil, and the right amount, or you could be causing some serious damage to your car.

The best engine oil brand will help keep the internal parts of your car’s engine well lubricated and cool. Your vehicle needs the right amount of clean oil in order to keep the engine operating at peak performance for as long as possible. But a bad motor oil brand would ruin your engine.

What Does oil Viscosity Means?

Oil viscosity is a measurement of an oil’s resistance to flow or “thickness” under certain conditions. Oil viscosity is described using two numbers, separated by the letter W. For example, 5W-30 means that the oil has an initial 30 grade at normal temperatures, but with the addition of a thinner base oil it allows it to become easy enough to pour over metal when you start your car.

The viscosity of an oil is very important for the lubrication of critical engine parts, such as piston and shafts. The larger the viscosity, the more difficult it is for the oil to flow. Cold weather will also affect oil viscosity, causing it to thicken if it is a low-viscosity oil and lower the performance of its lubricity.

The base oils are what protect your engine under pressure and keep it running smoothly in extreme conditions.

What makes a bad Motor Oil?

Motor oil breaks down and loses it’s ability to properly protect a car’s engine over time. It also can’t absorb contaminants as efficiently as when its new. New motor oil has additives and detergents that help keep your car’s engine free of sludge and clean deposits.

Over time, these additives dissipate, leaving the oil unable to protect the engine components. Sludge is particularly problematic for your car, because it damages other crucial parts of your car’s engine, like the piston rings and valves.

So you should be aware of what to look in a motor oil such as their API symbols – which shows the type of motor oil and its performance level. Another extremely important thing is viscosity of the oil, additives used in the oil, the formula and the if its natural, conventional, synthetic or non synthetic. Most car manufactures these days recommend using full synthetic motor oils.


I have brought up the issue of bad motor oil brands that are out there and what alternatives you should be aware of. Think before you buy, do some research and make sure you get the right motor oil for your car. Keep it maintained and follow these tips in order to avoid engine problems.

No matter what type of car you drive, the engine needs a healthy diet of good motor oil to be at its best. Bad motor oil brands generally seem like good choices when you’re trying to save money, but their price is not worth their performance.

Save yourself from preventable issues with your engine and upgrade to one of the better alternatives that we identified above. Then, have your car checked regularly by a mechanic. They will take note if you are using inferior oils and let you know when it’s time to switch to a better brand.

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